Мітки: pdp-11

[pf@eternity]:[~][0]% telnet x.y.z
Trying a.b.c.d...
Connected to x.y.z.
Escape character is '^]'.

2.11 BSD UNIX (x.y.z)

login: pfactum
2.11 BSD UNIX on MicroPDP-11/83 — x.y.z

14:20:28 : Frantically trying to get talk(1) to work
If anyone has some idea why yoda doesn't resolve
using /etc/hosts, gimme a holler via mail!
11:00:00 : We're live!

$ uname ‑a
2.11BSD x.y.z 2.11BSD 2.11 BSD UNIX #1: Fri Jun 9 19:11:38 MET DST root@1995:/usr/src/sys/YODA PDP11

ІМХО, це мега­кру­то.

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