Ані Лип’ятських

Face to face, tête-à-tête — no illusion.
Kissing frog? What a shame, not at all!
For God’s sake,
        noone’s saint,
                no conclusion.
Moment’s wink. Let me think, just one call.
Just three rings to my soul, auntie Autumn,
Voice of you blows my ire, blows away.
Being fair
        (that’s the Chair)
                at the bottom.
Like you do. May it be. May it. May.
Tell me story of youth in three words,
Could it be even shorter, oh, honey?
Write it down
        (with no sound) —
                the ord,
Make it clear to see if it’s sunny.
The first one is “the reason”, no doubt.
Next — “the force”, it takes first bringing third.
        is the last
                in my cloud.
Glue them all, try your best, little lird.
Wish good luck to your way, passing fancy.
Fly away, find the home, everdream.
                Oh, romancy.
Overtake. Everyone in the stream.

00:08 6.12.2013 (м. Київ)

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